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Is Delphi running now?
2001-04-27 19:17:15

Sometimes you may want to find out weather the Delphi IDE is running. You can use the following function:

function IsDelphiRunning : boolean;
Result:= FindWindow('TAppBuilder', nil) > 0;

This function will return a value of TRUE if the IDE is running or FALSE, otherwise.

Putting Multiple Components On A Form

2001-04-27 19:17:56

Putting Multiple Components On A Form:

If you want to put ten Buttons onto a form, you can hold down Shift, then click on the Button component that is on the Component Palette, (you can release the Shift key now) then click on the form 10 times. You will find that every time you click on the form a Button appears where ou clicked. This will work with other components not just a Button

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