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Delphi in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O'Reilly)) Review.

That it aimed developer of Delphi work of a nut shell , the Delphi is a desktop reference effective in this programming tool general . In addition to the list method and all core classes , This book also , it offers a host of things you dont we will and good doing the expert for the latest features mastering in Object Pascal in Delphi.
Core of this book is a reference section to other useful information of this development tool and built-in Delphi language features . Each entry , return value of guide syntax , all the parameters , and in addition to sample code , I have a description of additional information " tips and tricks " entry many features . While focused on ( the broad support of Delphi for a visual component instead of ) this language " core " title , if you want to work with the tool on a daily basis , it would be useful There is doubt that .

It provides an advanced guide to ramp up the latest and greatest in the new language features because this Object Pascal. Type of function and material , of information available in Delphi today , is particularly effective in the use of class . Property , constructor , and there are many appropriate class design techniques, including the destructor , smart tips on using . (Delphi has a own rules here , if you 've come to the Object Pascal 's from another programming language , this book . Fill in the inside of you ) on the way , the author , when using ( to avoid and when ) use certain features in , offers a nugget of many experts . Developer you've experienced beginner or more , whether it is a reference to this tutorial , you are all you need in order to increase the productivity with the latest and greatest in object-oriented programming in Delphi. - Richard Dragan

Cover topics : destructor object overview of Object Pascal in Delphi, or library unit , data , string type , exception handling , file I / O, and classes , inheritance , constructors and , interface , reference count , Windows messages , memory management strategy , table (VMTs), property , synchronization , thread-local storage technology , the Delphi using RTTI type information and COM, and Delphi how dynamic method TypInfo, and virtual , automated virtual method thread , a concurrent programming programming Tips reference language Reference , system constants , operators , compiler directives , and code samples .
If for trick associated with really great tips it only , it is a reference Pascal Delphi the best around suppliers ' ... I . ' Review - Bobusuwaruto development , in August 2000 . " Likely to be one of the most useful that you 'll get is not necessarily high , but this is the only book you need in Delphi on until now , it is . Has you " in August 2002 programming
About the Author
Lischner Ray began his career as a software developer, to become a writer , and was dropped off from the rat race of the company . Working for a company that was rewriting its entire product line in the C language , and began to use C + +, in the late 1980s he + + . The native compiler to integrated development environment and tools and visual C + + Cfront for many years , have witnessed him of the evolution , component-based . Ray has been teaching C + +, in the Oregon State University . As well as author of Delphi in the future of O'Reilly and shell , he is the other books in C + +, shell .

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